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City of Hebron Application for Electrical and Water Service

  1. To:

    City of Hebron
    2016 Lincoln Avenue
    Hebron, NE 68370

  2. The undersigned electrical and water service provided by the City of Hebron, Nebraska. The following information is submitted in support of this application:

  3. Each of the undersigned applicant(s) for service acknowledges receipt of a copy of all applicable regulations and ordinances of the City of Hebron dealing with the municipal electrical system, utility charges and payment responsibilities (specifically including, but not limited to Sections 3-301 through 3-321 and 4-401 through 4-405 of the Hebron Municipal Code.)

    Each applicant agrees to comply with all provisions of the ordinances of the City of Hebron and agrees to pay promptly all charges for utility services, as required to be paid in full prior to receiving any utility services.

    Applicant acknowledges that a security deposit in the sum of $250.00 is required to be paid in full prior to receiving any utility services.

    In the event applicant is requesting service for a location in which he or she is a tenant, applicant acknowledges and agrees that owner of the premises will receive a copy of all delinquency notices that may be issued on this account by the City of Hebron.

  4. Applicant represents that all of the foregoing information is true.

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