Economic Development

The TCEDA Board of Directors:

Pat Kenner - President                                            Randy Hergott- Vice President                                          Deb Craig- Treasurer                                                           Zach Messman Sec. & Loan Committee Chair                     Lori Feulner                                                                      Jeremy Pearson                                                                  Chris Roth                                                                       Rebecca Stengel                                                                         Brain Rokusek                                                                     Kara Wenske

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What We Do at Thayer County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA)

TCEDA's emphasis is county and community development. They do so by providing support for local businesses through our retention and start-up program. They also provide support with securing housing and employee recruitment through an existing Home Ownership Program. TCEDA has funds available to help with down payment assistance so that buyers can purchase homes within Thayer County. 

Why Be a Member of TCEDA

As a member you have made the first step in assisting with the growth of Thayer County. Building business, promoting leadership, assisting in educating our up and coming new entrepreneurs, and assisting those that want to join or remain in the county with funding opportunities to do just that. As a member of TCEDA you receive a voice to help us understand what you see as success and revitalization to encourage people to move here, grow here, and stay here.

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