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Building/Land Use Permit Application

  1. City of Hebron
  2. Land Use Application
  4. Property Owner of Person in Control of Premises
  5. Applicant's Plans
  6. If Addition / Alteration
  7. Type of Construction
  8. Size of Structure / Addition
  9. Basement
  10. First Floor
  11. Second Floor
  12. Sign
  13. Construction Material
    Check all that apply.
  14. Is your structure in compliance with the ordinance?
  15. If not, do you need a variance?
  16. Are curb cuts required?
  17. Is the lot located in a floodplain?
  18. Do you need different utility service other than what's available?
  19. New Utility Requirements:
  20. Electrical:
  21. Drawing Instructions
    1. Show size and shape (length and width) of lot and all streets and alleys that adjoin lot. 2. Show size and shape of proposed building. 3. When enlarging or remodeling, show size and shape of existing building and proposed building. 4. In case of Commercial or Industrial building, show off-street parking. 5. show front, side and back set of building. 6. An application for a curb cut must be made by any person or firm wishing to alter existing curbs in the City of Hebron. 7. The curb shall be cut out to a point 24 inches from the back of the curb, this section of the driveway will be concrete and will extend at least three feet and not over eight feet from the back of the curb. There shall be a one inch expansion join at this point. Also, whenever concrete is poured against an existing curb or street, there will be a one inch expansion joint. 8. On a new structure (home or business), the work will be completed before final utilities are connected to the premises. 9. SIGN PERMIT drawings shall be clear and legible with description defining the location of the sign which the subject of the permit and all other existing signs whose construction requires permits, when such signs are on the premises. 10. SIGN PERMIT drawings shall show the dimensions, construction supports, sizes, foundation, electrical wiring and components, material of the sign, method of attachment, and character of the structure member to which the attachment is to be made . 11. When enlarging or remodeling a sign, show the size an shape of existing sing and proposed sign.
  22. "The undersigned hereby certifies (1) that all statements contained in the above and foregoing application for Land Use permit are true and correct; (2) that if the requested permit is issued, all the work will be done in accordance withe the above and foregoing land use permit and in compliance with all zoning and other ordinances of the City of Hebron; (3) that the City of Hebron has adopted the International Building Code Standards and all building contemplated in this application will be conducted according to said standards; (4) Building Code Standards; and (5) agrees that any land use permit issues pursuant to this application shall expire unless construction is commenced within 6 months of issuance and completed within 365 days after construction begins.
  23. Concrete Curb Code:
    All curbs will be ground to proper width. 1" expansion join will be placed on the curb side and anchored. 5/8" smooth dowel rods will be placed every 2 feed with slips sleeves. These dowels rods must be greased before they are put into the slip sleeves. 1/2" gap between the expansion joint and the top of the finished slab. To be sealed with SL1. 1/" expansion against sidewalk edge and also set 1/2" below concrete grade, and sealed with SL1. All expansions to be 6 inches in width
  24. All concrete approaches will be 6" think, 3000# psi, concrete, 1/2" rebar places and tied on two foot centers and raised up 2 inches from the bottom base.
  25. Minimum Limits: Expansion join 7' control joints, 1/3 depth, every 144 sq. ft.
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