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Floodplain Permit

  1. This form is used for any man-made change to improved or unimproved real estate, including, but not limited to buildings or other structures, mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavation, drilling operations, or storage of equipment or materials. Developer must obtain all other necessary federal, state, or local permits (e.g. Corps of Engineers 404 Permit, Local Levee District, etc.)
  2. Does the proposed development involve the improvement of a structure (i.e. walled and roofed building, manufactured home, or gas and liquid storage tanks)?
  3. The Following Section is to be Completed by the Community Official
  4. Is the development Substantial Improvement? (see #4)
  5. Is the development in an identified floodplain?
  6. If YES, complete the following
  7. MSL/NGVD 29 or NAVD 88
  8. MSL/NGVD 29 or NAVD 88
  9. Please note:
    The developer may be required to submit hydraulic data demonstrating that the proposed development will not increase flood heights more than one foot at any location.
  10. If the development is in a floodplain, the following shall apply:
    This permit is issued with the condition that the lowest floor (including basement floor) of any new or substantially improved residential building will be elevated at least one foot above the base flood elevation. If the proposed development is a nonresidential building, this permit is issued with the condition that the lowest floor (including basement) of a new or substantially improved nonresidential building will be elevated or floodproofed at least one foot above the base flood elevation. The Developer/Owner will provide certification by a registered Engineer, Architect, or Land Surveyor of the “as-built” lowest floor elevation (including basement) or floodproofed elevation of any new or substantially improved building covered by this permit.
  11. All provisions of the City of Hebron Floodplain Management Resolution/Ordinance (Number Chapter 11 Article 2) shall be complied with.
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